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Paul den Hollander
catalogue, 48 pages, edited by the KetelFactory, Schiedam, the Netherlands

Voyage Botanique
photoworks 1992 – 1994
32x32cm, 100 pages, 113 duotone images, self-edited, softcover

Les Pyramides du Nord
photoworks 1988 – 1990
32x32 cm, 100 pages, 54 duotone images, self-edited, in softcover and hardcover

Paul den Hollander, een keuze uit zijn foto's
41 photographs, introduction by Frank van der Stok, edited by het Noordbrabants Genootschap
(out of sale)

Moments in Time
64 photographs, introduction by Lorenzo Merlo, edited by Uitgeverij Bert Bakker, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
(out of sale)

These books are for sale through Paul den Hollander