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Move to Portugal. Creation of a new vegetable garden en planting fruit trees. Start of new photographic journeys into Portuguese landscapes and interiors.

Donation of two large series of exhibition prints, 'Les Pyramides du Nord' and 'Voyage Botanique', to the Musée Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, France, and to the Musée des Arts Contemporaines in Hornu, Belgium

Start of the 'Luminous Garden' project, which shows aspects of the usually invisible electromagnetical fields that surround and penetrate plants in relation to a known physical reality

One-month journey on foot along the Western European prehistoric star route from Strasbourg to Troyes (France)

2004 – 2007
‘Metamorphosis’, a series of colour photographs taken in the inner spaces of the world of plants

2002 – 2004
Photographic journeys in the Western Desert of Egypt, resulting in a series of work entitled ‘Desert and Skies’

‘Foto Kees Schererprijs’ for ‘Voyage Botanique’, selected as the ‘Best Dutch Photography Book published in the years 1997 and 1998’

Honorouble mention for ‘Voyage Botanique’ in the ‘VI Prize of Photographic Book and Catalogue’ Primavera Fotografica, Barcelona, Spain

‘Voyage Botanique’ selected as one of the ‘Best designed books of The Netherlands in 1997’

Publication of monograph ‘Voyage Botanique’, self-edited

1992 – 1994
Black and white photography in collections of dried plants in Botanical Institutes, entitled ‘Voyage Botanique’

Honorouble mention for ‘Les Pyramides du Nord’ in the ‘III Prize of Photographic Book and Catalogue’, Primavera Fotografica, Barcelona, Spain

Publication of monograph ‘Les Pyramides du Nord’, self-edited

Publication of monograph ‘Paul den Hollander, een keuze uit zijn foto’s’

1989 – 1991
Black and white photography of artificial landscapes in industrial areas

Black and white photography in forests

1988 – 1990
Black and white photography in interiors of industrial buildings in the mining areas of Belgium and the Northwest of France, entitled ‘Les Pyramides du Nord’

1987 – 1988
Several projects in towns in the Netherlands

1984 – 1985
Colour photography in Museums of Natural History

1982 – 1984
Black and white photography in gardens, glasshouses and zoological gardens

Publication of monograph ‘Moments in Time’

Grand Prix de la Recherche Photographique, Royan, France for the series ‘Moments in Time’

Second price Triennale de Fribourg, Switzerland for the series ‘Moments in Time’

1977 – 1980
Work on the photographic series ‘Moments in Time’ in black and white

1975 – 1976
Travels in the Middle and Far East - without camera

1973 – 1975
Ecological farming

‘Price of the City of Breda’

1968 – 1973
Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Breda

Born in Breda, the Netherlands